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Mr. Akyıldız was born in Çataldere, Rize on 02.02.1964. Mr. Akyıldız was graduated from Çataldere Primary School.

He attended Istanbul Kabataş Male High School for the secondary education. He was graduated from Istanbul University Medical Faculty in 1987. He had compulsory service in Çankırı Kurşunlu Health Clinic, and he had been Base Doctor in Tuzla Infantry School for the military service.

He had been junior doctor in the Cardiovascular Surgery Department in a team led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Besim Yiğiter, the former Medical Director of Siyami Ersek Thorax and Cardiovascular Surgery Hospital, in 1990.  Being junior doctor for 5 years and chief junior doctor for 3 years, he founded the Cardiovascular Surgery Department of the privately owned Swiss Hospital under directorate of Assoc. Dr. Besim Yiğiter. While he was working at above specified hospital, he had been visiting fellow at Cleveland Clinic and Texas Hear.

Mr. Akyıldız has been working at private sector for 15 years, and currently, he is working at MEDISTATE KAVACIK HOSPITAL, and to date, he had attended more than 13.000 operations and he had personally carried out < 10.000 operations. He has above-standard experience and knowledge on cardiac surgery with infra-axillary approach and off-pump coronary bypass surgery.

He married with Cardiologist Şenay Bank, M.D., on February 2001. Mr. Akyıldız has one daughter and one son.

The field of interest is Human Psychology and Behavior Sciences.

Hobbies include playing tennis, skiing, swimming and reading books.